Meet Dalton

Performance Physical Therapist Dalton Urrutia

Hello! I am Dalton a performance PT and grappling athlete. I started my career in a busy clinic in London, seeing 20-30 patients a day, and being so burnt out I thought about leaving the profession. BJJ and wrestling were my only outlet. After BJJ classes a line would form to get help with injuries, which grew longer and longer, the more I was at class. I saw the answer to my problem. I want to help athletes the way they deserve to be helped. The right way, with a focus on quality, time, and results. Grapplers Performance was born. Since then, I have worked with athletes in more than 20 countries. Helping them fix injuries and stay on the mats, doing the sport we all love. I am on a mission to help 10,000 grappling athletes, overcome injury and keep in the sport instead of quitting. Grappling sports are crucial for physical and mental health for a lot of us. Staying training is important and I don't think injuries should stand in the way! Join over 3500+ other athletes around the world taking action for their bodies now! [email protected]